Setting up a water damage company

water damage seattle waWater damage brings to mind good business ideas to an entrepreneur. Water damage refers to the losses brought about by water on property, through water spots or flooding.

This happens through rotting of wood, growth of molds, rusting of steel and de-laminating of materials. These effects could be devastating on valuable property. As an entrepreneur, one can capitalize on water damage restoration to help manage the disaster.

This work involves identifying and rectifying the cause of water damage as quickly as possible. To be competitive, start by training as a water damage technician. Information is power, so read a wide range of literature on water damage companies. Obtain the capital needed and get contractors with whom you will be working. Choose a catchy name for your company. Setting up a water damage company is quite easy. First, check for competition within your area by the same companies. Learn from them and include services they do not offer.

Then obtain certification for each of the services you will be offering. After this, obtain a license from the county council to ensure you run a legal business. Purchase all the equipment you will need for the services you will be offering. These include dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, carpet cleaners, dryers, moisture detectors and water extraction tools. Obtain safety wear for all the contractors. It is necessary to purchase efficient and good quality equipment that will serve for long.

Next, obtain a commercial vehicle with your company’s name, logo and contact. This will serve as a marketing strategy. Contacts and referrals are important to a business. Get to know the insurance companies and brokers in your area to help in claiming funds for your customers. Membership to Water damage networks helps you obtain referrals and gives you information on bidding for contracts.

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Using a Tough Parental Love to Teach Your Kids

A teen could be considered to be the final product of your parenting skills since it proves that you have worked your way through the process. You, you are most likely a professional once your child reaches this stage. You will discover that these active four years of their life will go by very quickly. All parents have to deal with important decisions such as career and college choices for their children. Of course it just depends on everyone’s personality and the family dynamics. But, some teens find it difficult when it comes to leaving the nest.

None of us can forget our last year of high school because we could finally see just a taste of freedom. Then in a flash, it seemed like our final year with all of our friends disappeared. So, you know exactly how they will feel and what they will encounter. These are the times when you offer what you can in terms of supportive advice and perhaps just listening and being there. No matter the amount of times it must be given, positive encouragement will always be appreciated. Just monitor how well your child deals with everything when it comes to high school ending and their leaving the nest. Then continue to use your parenting skills in the best way that you know how. We know that you will handle everything okay.

Personally, I have always thought that it was not fair to make a seventeen or eighteen year make decisions at this time when they are so inexperienced. Yes, those lovely times of “thinking” what they want to do for a career. In this day and time, there are so many options that are available to them. But as responsible parents, it is our duty to ensure that the right kind of information is provided to them. It is within their reach. Then make it a point to talk to and work with your child. Be supportive, but make it known that this is their life that that they are living. If you want to get more info and see what other parents are talking about check out this mom and dad blog website to see many great mom and dad blogs. Or an individual funny dad blog like MyRadDad… it’s pretty funny. You can reach out and see what other parents are talking about. It is a great resource so check it out.

You have the chance to give your teenagers more tough love by supplying them with more things around the house to do. Of course, we are talking about the tween and teenage years. Chances are that both parents are working outside the home and single parents have to resort to this to get help around the house. But we suggest this because it will help them learn they need to help the home team. Yes, that is right – the home team. You should explain exactly why you are doing this and what you want them to learn about it. People are more willing to do things if they know what they are doing and why they are doing them.

Successful parenting involves giving your child the necessary tools to handle the outside world. We cannot fight all their battles, and we should not. That is why a child with a healthy mindset can intelligently learn to deal with what comes down the line.

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Family Traveling Tips

If you plan on traveling this next year with your kids you should be sure to check out a few specific things that can make the trip excellent.

Number 1 is that kids love to visit the zoo. The zoo is an incredible place to see some animals that you would otherwise not be able to see. If you plan on visiting canada you should be sure to swing by the calgary zoo and be sure to see if you can find some coupons to save on admission tickets, if you are looking for a way to save some money at the calgary zoo check out What an incredible zoo to visit.

Secondly if your kids are a little older you should take them to a roller coaster or theme park. Talk about a fun time. Your family will remember the incredible thrills for a life time. There will be stories to be told for years. Here is a little tip. Many of the roller coasters take your picture at a certain point. Learn where that camera is and make funny faces when you pass. You can also act like your sleeping… or even read the park map. Those are funny pictures.

Most importantly have fun and go on adventures as a family.

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Using Google For Your Business Blog

Using Google for your business blog is a great way of adding value to your website. Most businesses don’t like the idea of spending $3,000-$5,000 on a website that won’t get seen much or even used much. Most local business owners have no idea the power and value of owning a blog for their business.

So where does a local business get a blog?

Google makes it easy for a business to start their own website and it doesn’t cost the business any money! Can’t get better than that! Local business owners may find that having a blog with Google makes them look more professional and gives them authority with their local customers.

Where can a local business get a blog?

Both of blogger and wordpress are great platforms for a business to start. Blogger offers a completely free service where the business owner can build a website using blogger and never needing to pay for hosting or domain fee.

WordPress also offers a free service but there are also thousands of templates one can buy and create a unique design for their business. Using wordpress will cost money with hosting and with having to buy a domain name.

A great example of a business using the blogger platform is Water Damage Seattle, a local business in Seattle Washington who is taking advantage of the free platform offered by Google. You will notice the URL of the website is .blogspot – This is the same platform of blogger dot com.

There are many advantages of using a platform like Blogger which we stated above but another advantage is how easy it is for Google to rank their own blogs. Maybe Google trust their own platforms over other websites that are created with other programs and maybe Google knows their themes are well designed and will not pose a threat to their searchers.

Whatever your choice, be sure to check out the free blogging platforms to get your local business online!

Water Damage Seattle Washington

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Holistic Health & Wellness: Tips & Techniques for Mental Clarity (pt. 2)

Peace, The full title here is “Holistic Health & Wellness Tips for Calm Focus, Mental Clarity and Overall Well-Being.” This is part 2 of a video series with Nutritional Consultant, Personal Trainer, soon to be expert in Chinese Medicine and good friend of mine Hondo Solomon. But this entire video series is part of a blogging series called “Lifestyles of the Calm & Focused” which is all about attaining mental clarity and applying that focused state to achieving your goals and progressing in life. Catch Hondo Solomon on facebook here: And check out “Lifestyles of the Calm & Focused” here: Thanks for checking this out… Peace, +B TAGS: ——– wellness health energy nutrition Chinese medicine health advice tips and techniques vegetarian vegan raw food fruitarianism african holistic hondo solomon do the knowledge mind elevation positive lifestyle changes calm focus mental clarity wisdom well being optimum bryan ogilvie positive thinking supportive friends meat unhealthy foods to avoid nutritional consultant
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7 Best Business Blogs for Local Business Owners | Carmen Sognonvi Are you a local business owner looking for the best business blogs? This video reveals which blogs are worth your time. Blogs mentioned in this video http http http Want to run a successful local business? Check out Carmen Sognonvi’s video blog. It’s jam-packed with tips on local business and local marketing for small business owners. Get Free Local Business Tips: Subscribe to YouTube Channel: Like on Facebook: Follow On Twitter: Add On Google+: Tags: “best business blogs” “business blogs” “local business” “local marketing” “carmen sognonvi” “small business”

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What is an seo web marketing specialist?

Question by blah: What is an seo web marketing specialist?
I am looking for a job, and a place is hiring for this. The job description says i would manage website marketing, like search engine oprimization, internet video, blogging, and other things. Also to use traffic tracking apps to recognice patterns and trends to get effective marketing techniques. I would do this freelance since i am 17 and still in school
So what exactly do you do? also it wants examples, so would i need a degree?? and what would examples be?

Best answer:

Answer by Jane
Search Engine Optimization – Optimize the website for search engines. Make sure the search engines find all pages on the site you want found, make sure they rank for target keyword phrases and get visitors and these visitors take some desired action (buy product, fill form, download file, etc.)

Traffic tracking apps – These tools help you know the number of visitors, how they arrived at the site, what search terms they used if they arrived via search engines. They also let you know the most viewed pages and the number of conversions (desired actions).

Video submissions and blogging – Promoting the website using these media.

You don’t need a degree for this as much as you need experience. You will more likely need to show earlier work done if it is for someone with experience. If it is a position for a new starter, then a degree may help.

What do you think? Answer below!

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Make Money with Blog(s), Blog Traffic Strategy

Go to to learn more about Blogging and techniques for making money.
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Become A Blogger Darren Rowse Interview Part 3

I count myself pretty lucky to be able to have locked down an interview with one of the most famous bloggers in the world – Darren Rowse. A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to have a nice informal chat with Darren about blogging, and what he actually did to become successful as a blogger himself. Darren is world renowned for his blog at and teaching bloggers of all levels how they too can become successful in the blogging world. Inside my interview with Darren, he spills the beans on a number of really useful topics to help you become a better blogger. These include: * What kind of a people are most suited to blogging * The best way of discovering the topic for your blog * Some of the best content creation techniques and strategies Darren has used on his blogs * How to keep a healthy balance in your life between blogging and everything else * How to get traffic to your blog (this is a big one) * The latest social media tools that Darren uses to help him drive more traffic to his blog * The best ways of making money from your blog * The major key to successful blogging As you will see from the interview, the strategies we discussed are not rocket science, and anyone should be able to implement the very same lessons. You just need listen to the advice and then take action!

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Blogging Techniques
Image by STREETZA and SWAY, Inc. Present
DIY Social Media Workshop – Managing Your Brand and Listening To Your Brand Chatters
With Keynote: Rish Shah, of

July 6, 2009, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Social media developers and strategists, and SWAY, Inc., have combined their talents and resources to present a one day workshop where attendees will walk away with a “working marketing and social media plan” to continue developing with their marketing departments or consultants,” says Cd Vann, owner and developer of

The workshop takes place July 22, 2009, Madison, Wisconsin, 8AM – 5PM at the Holiday Inn & Suites of Madison, followed by a Madison Tweetup. The cost is .00 per person and discounts on groups of five or more are honored. You can RSVP at

The one day workshop features social media practitioners who can present real and successful client examples and techniques on how to manage your brand and select the right tools and channels based on your target audience, product, service and positioning statement. Attendees will walk away with the answer to one of their most important questions, “How does this apply to me and my industry?”

Keynote: Rishi Shah, CEO of Rishi’s ability to market his web application without investors or large advertising budgets made him one of Business Week’s Top 25 Entrepreneurs 25 and Under.

Presenters include: Cindi Thomas – Fullhouse Media, Scott Baitinger – Mader Communications, Steve Glynn – Spreenkler and Barb Rozgonyi of Cory West Media.

Workshop topics include, Social Media Tools and Strategies, Monitoring, Social Media Marketing, Blogging, SEO and SEM and more. and SWAY, Inc., have selected some of the brightest and most influential practitioners in the social media industry, presenting topics that will guide you through the process of developing an understanding of why companies no longer “own their brand,” but are now managing their brand and listening to their brand chatters. currently has six Social Media Workshops planned for Chicago, Appleton and Des Moines all focused on providing growing businesses with the tools, channels and strategies they need to manage their on line brand and engage with their audience.

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