Another Quick Moleskine Sketch.

Another Quick Moleskine Sketch.
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Image by restnrileks
Here is another quick moleskine sketch. The idea came after paying for 20 sticks of satay. Prices of things have been indeed increased. Time to be frugal with what we earn. Anyway, earlier i intended the sketch to be only black and white, but, by the time i finished em, i found it to be too plain to my liking. I needed some color, so, finally i just added vine design as background to finalize my sketch. I like how it turns out to be. It gives a feeling of textured paper in a glimpse. Hmm, may be i should use this technique often in my quick sketch. Okay, i am off to sleep now (i am mo blogging this entry on my bed, waiting for a good dream to take me into my slumber, haha. ) Till next time, and have a very great day everyday.

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