Become A Blogger Darren Rowse Interview Part 1

I count myself pretty lucky to be able to have locked down an interview with one of the most famous bloggers in the world – Darren Rowse. A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to have a nice informal chat with Darren about blogging, and what he actually did to become successful as a blogger himself. Darren is world renowned for his blog at and teaching bloggers of all levels how they too can become successful in the blogging world. Inside my interview with Darren, he spills the beans on a number of really useful topics to help you become a better blogger. These include: * What kind of a people are most suited to blogging * The best way of discovering the topic for your blog * Some of the best content creation techniques and strategies Darren has used on his blogs * How to keep a healthy balance in your life between blogging and everything else * How to get traffic to your blog (this is a big one) * The latest social media tools that Darren uses to help him drive more traffic to his blog * The best ways of making money from your blog * The major key to successful blogging As you will see from the interview, the strategies we discussed are not rocket science, and anyone should be able to implement the very same lessons. You just need listen to the advice and then take action!

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