Get Your Blog on Google’s First Page — 4 Simple Techniques

Getting your blog into Google’s top 10 results can leverage your business and increase your traffic greatly. Whatever the purpose for your blog, getting ad clicks, selling affiliate products, or generating traffic to your sales page, a blog owner’s ultimate goal is to brand himself while making a profit—easier said than done. The good news is that getting into Google’s top spots can be accomplished with a little creativity and effort. The following are five ways you can get your blog onto Google’s first page and watch your traffic surge. Write Original Content Original, informative, and authentic content rules in the Web 2.0 marketing world. While you don’t have to post everyday, you need to post a minimum of three times a week. Personal studies have shown that traffic tends to drop off considerably if posting occurs less than three times a week. You also have to maintain a steady flow of content for the search engines. A steady flow of content shows that you’re interested enough in your topic to keep it alive. The Web is moving towards authentic, two-way based conversations. Add humor to your posts. Give your content a twist and personality. One of the best ways to make your content come alive is to include a few real-life scenarios. Your readers will appreciate your honesty. This brings up a good point about content which is “SEOed”. If you’re writing about a topic you enjoy, you’re adding a dash of your personality, and you’re not concerned about keyword density, then
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