Holistic Health & Wellness: Tips & Techniques for Mental Clarity (pt. 1)

Peace: www.dotheknowledge.com The full title here is “Holistic Health & Wellness Tips for Calm Focus, Mental Clarity and Overall Well-Being.” This is part 1 of a video series with Nutritional Consultant, Personal Trainer, soon to be expert in Chinese Medicine and good friend of mine Hondo Solomon. But this entire video series is part of a blogging series called “Lifestyles of the Calm & Focused” which is all about attaining mental clarity and applying that focused state to achieving your goals and progressing in life. Catch Hondo Solomon on facebook here: www.facebook.com And check out “Lifestyles of the Calm & Focused” here: www.dotheknowledge.com Thanks for checking this out… Peace, +B TAGS: ——– wellness health energy nutrition Chinese medicine health advice tips and techniques vegetarian vegan raw food fruitarianism african holistic hondo solomon do the knowledge mind elevation positive lifestyle changes calm focus mental clarity wisdom well being optimum bryan ogilvie positive thinking supportive friends meat unhealthy foods to avoid nutritional consultant

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