I wanted to learn how to earn money by making a blog. Can anyone help me?

Question by Ricoffany: I wanted to learn how to earn money by making a blog. Can anyone help me?
I am aware that a lot of people earn money just by creating a blog site. I’m so interested to create a blog not only to share my thoughts but also to earn extra cash, but I don’t know how to do that. Is there any tutorials/website references that could help me? Is there a site that offers free blog hosting? And how can a blog site earn money? I need to learn the ins and outs of Professional Blogging.

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Answer by Sumithra
Starting with blogs is a great idea. There are so many blogs that you can sign up for free including yahoo, google, etc. Just go through the link below. It clearly explains how to go about creating your own blog in yahoo:


If you wish to create a free blog through google, click here:

Once, your blog is ready, there are ways that you can start making money. Here is one of the articles that I had written on the topic.


It should give you a clear idea on how to get started. Good luck.

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