I’m not actually doing any work. I’m just sitting here looking cool, waiting for some cool guy to notice me.

I’m not actually doing any work. I’m just sitting here looking cool, waiting for some cool guy to notice me.
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Image by Ed Yourdon
Note: this photo was published in an Apr 21, 2010 EveryBlock New York zipcode blog, with a title of 10036." It was also published in a Jun 22, 2011 blog titled "How to Make Money Blogging: 10 Ways to Build & Increase Your Readership (Part 3)."


As long as I continue going to the same dentist, you can count on two or three sets of photos of Bryant Park each year. The reason is simple: my dentist is located in mid-town Manhattan, about a block from the park, and when I’m done, I’m always tempted to walk over and see how the park looks. I had a different dentist in the 70s and 80s — but in any case, I’ve collected seven separate sets of Bryant Park photos, which you can see summarized here on Flickr.

At least one or two of those other sets will provide you with the historical details of the park; or you can look it up on Wikipedia or some other source on the Internet. As for this particular visit, I knew that it might be too early in the spring for everything to be in full bloom; but as it turned out, the big lawn in the center of the park had just been re-sodded, and it was closed off to everyone during its initial growing period. It made for a wonderful background, especially together with some of the tulips and daffodils that were blooming around the edges of the park.

It was a lunchtime period, and it was a mild, sunny day; so of course, the park was full of people from nearby offices, who were enjoying the sunshine and the opportunity for a few minutes of relaxation with their friends. Some were dozing in the sunshine, many were eating their lunch, some were texting on their cellphones or pecking away on their laptops, and one couple was necking passionately, as if this might be their last opportunity for a little romance. Nobody seemed to notice the guy who was wandering around with an anonymous camera (I’ve taped over the "Nikon" logo and replaced the gaudy yellow Nikon camera strap with a plain black one), who was randomly photographing people without even looking at them, but rather just pointing his camera in their general direction, and shooting whatever would fit into a wide-angle frame…

Since the lawn and the trees and the surrounding buildings were so colorful and beautiful, I also took the opportunity to create some handheld, 3-image HDR shots … but I think you’ll be able to figure out which is which. I keep thinking I should bring a tripod along with me, to get better HDR compositions, but it’s just too much of a hassle.

After an hour, I had circumnavigated the park two or three times, and captured just about everything (and everyone) that looked interesting or photogenic. My next dentist visit will probably take place in mid-August, and I’ll probably stop by once again, to see what’s going on. Hopefully the lawn will open to the public, and I’ll find some interesting shots of people picknicing, sunbathing, or just relaxing in the grass…

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