Is there an SEO advantage of hosting my blog on an external established Blog system rather than my own?

Question by farhad01582: Is there an SEO advantage of hosting my blog on an external established Blog system rather than my own?
I have a business blog section on my website. It’s basically an area of the website I can regularly update so that the content on my website is fresh. This is supposed to be good for my website in terms of search engines crawlers (apparently they’ll return more often).

But would I benefit more if I also have a blog in a proper blogging environment such as Blogger, WordPress etc. with links to various related pages in my website. I guess the upside would be that I would have relevent inbound links but the downside would be that I wouldn’t have the blog on my own site which means no regularly updated content.

Unless I run the blogs simultaneaously, but would that be seen as some sort of Black Hat technique due to the content being duplicated on an external blog which is linking back?


Thanks in advance.
Having both blog on my website and on an external system is an option I’m open to, although I feared that I may be marked as a black hat by Search Engines.

If not then I may as well go for that.

Best answer:

Answer by Ian P
You seem right on the ball with this one…

Believe me, if you do both, I can assure you that you wont be marked as black hat, don’t worry about it. I suggest that you do both, it will truly help you in the end.

However, if you need to chose one or the other, which do you think will attract more visitors? Clearly, it seems like your goal is to rank higher; but itsn’t the goal in the end to recieve more visitors?

If you have an outside blog, how many people will see it? Will it do anything for you? Will you market that blog? If so, how?

How many people are currently looking at your website? Will a blog on your website help retain visitors and help sell your company from there?

Depending on the search engine, there’s far more to SEO than just links; inbound & external. It’s also how many clicks on the page once visited, how long vistitors stay on the page, and so on.

Inwhich case, having both will help trumendously!

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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