Setting up a water damage company

water damage seattle waWater damage brings to mind good business ideas to an entrepreneur. Water damage refers to the losses brought about by water on property, through water spots or flooding.

This happens through rotting of wood, growth of molds, rusting of steel and de-laminating of materials. These effects could be devastating on valuable property. As an entrepreneur, one can capitalize on water damage restoration to help manage the disaster.

This work involves identifying and rectifying the cause of water damage as quickly as possible. To be competitive, start by training as a water damage technician. Information is power, so read a wide range of literature on water damage companies. Obtain the capital needed and get contractors with whom you will be working. Choose a catchy name for your company. Setting up a water damage company is quite easy. First, check for competition within your area by the same companies. Learn from them and include services they do not offer.

Then obtain certification for each of the services you will be offering. After this, obtain a license from the county council to ensure you run a legal business. Purchase all the equipment you will need for the services you will be offering. These include dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, carpet cleaners, dryers, moisture detectors and water extraction tools. Obtain safety wear for all the contractors. It is necessary to purchase efficient and good quality equipment that will serve for long.

Next, obtain a commercial vehicle with your company’s name, logo and contact. This will serve as a marketing strategy. Contacts and referrals are important to a business. Get to know the insurance companies and brokers in your area to help in claiming funds for your customers. Membership to Water damage networks helps you obtain referrals and gives you information on bidding for contracts.

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