Using Google For Your Business Blog

Using Google for your business blog is a great way of adding value to your website. Most businesses don’t like the idea of spending $3,000-$5,000 on a website that won’t get seen much or even used much. Most local business owners have no idea the power and value of owning a blog for their business.

So where does a local business get a blog?

Google makes it easy for a business to start their own website and it doesn’t cost the business any money! Can’t get better than that! Local business owners may find that having a blog with Google makes them look more professional and gives them authority with their local customers.

Where can a local business get a blog?

Both of blogger and wordpress are great platforms for a business to start. Blogger offers a completely free service where the business owner can build a website using blogger and never needing to pay for hosting or domain fee.

WordPress also offers a free service but there are also thousands of templates one can buy and create a unique design for their business. Using wordpress will cost money with hosting and with having to buy a domain name.

A great example of a business using the blogger platform is Water Damage Seattle, a local business in Seattle Washington who is taking advantage of the free platform offered by Google. You will notice the URL of the website is .blogspot – This is the same platform of blogger dot com.

There are many advantages of using a platform like Blogger which we stated above but another advantage is how easy it is for Google to rank their own blogs. Maybe Google trust their own platforms over other websites that are created with other programs and maybe Google knows their themes are well designed and will not pose a threat to their searchers.

Whatever your choice, be sure to check out the free blogging platforms to get your local business online!

Water Damage Seattle Washington

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