What is the best blogging software?

Question by cabindweller: What is the best blogging software?
I’d like something that will automatically publish the headlines to my Facebook friends. I’ll primarily be posting text and photos but possibly some videos. I want it to look cute without too much customization on my part. If I can post easily through my cell phone, better still. And finally, FREE is better than NOT-FREE.

Best answer:

Answer by Simon C
WordPress meets most of what you need – and it’s free (http://www.wordpress.org/). Revolution themes (http://www.revolutiontheme.com/) are going free next month too.

You can post through a cell phone – WordPress supports posting by email so if you can set that up, it will publish direct from your email.

Plus there are literally hundreds of plugins to do other cool things (including posting headlines to Facebook, I believe).

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