What should I Make My Website About?

Question by : What should I Make My Website About?
First of all… I’m not stupid. Even though I’m only 14 doesn’t mean I don’t know what it takes to full-fill a full time website that makes money. I do know that what people want is money. If you make a website about profitable techniques you will find you site loaded with hits in a mere couple of months.

If you try to make a forum about just people “chatting” this will gently die. Unless you know the right technique. Create false accounts, create false personalities, such and such. Basically talk to yourself. What people want is communication and participation. If you’re just sitting there on a forum by yourself chances are you’re going to struggle to make it stay alive or you’re going to give up. Simple as that.

What I found out in my childhood around 7 or 8 was that clubpenguin was the best thing to blog about. I blogged about it for days…. even months… maybe even a year. I found out that other kids crave clubpenguin cheats / tips / trackers.

I made a website about clubpenguin that got 60,000 hits in maybe 4 months. Yeah… how about that. Me making the most fatal mistake quit the site and decided I was to old for it. I didn’t know that I would’ve made a fortune off of it if I would’ve kept going.

What I’m trying to say here is.. what should I make my website about? Should I go back to clubpenguin and start posting about it even though I’m to old for it? I got to think about what other people are going to think of my when I’m like 16 and still posting about clubpenguin. I’m even curious to know what my girlfriend is going to think whenever she finds out I’m even begging the public to give me some ideas on website making.

Q: Anyways, what should I make my website about? Should I make it about a child’s game? Should I make it about blogging? Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should make a website about?

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Answer by misunderstood teen
why not mix everything into like a super website like you could have blogging on the site chatting video uploading qustions with answers all in one bundle and i would make sure for it to be an instant messenger included too eh but idk if thats your kinda thing or nt but thats just a crazy idea that popped up in my head i hope it helps 🙂

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