X-Factor Video: 7 Killer Tips For Optimizing Your YouTube Videos

The essence of an X-Factor technique is combining multimedia, such as audio or video, with a social media service. The idea is that multimedia has more impact than text and through the use of social media you can syndicate the content further, thus bringing more traffic back to your blog. The single most powerful X-Factor tool I’ve seen in recent months is YouTube. We all know how good Google is at delivering traffic and ever since Google purchased YouTube, they have placed YouTube videos at the top of their search result pages. As a result of this, simply learning how to effectively use YouTube to market your videos can bring in significant traffic back to your blog. I’ve had first hand experience seeing how many of my student’s blogs benefit tremendously from YouTube, so much in fact that they haven’t needed to focus on much other content. I’m talking about hundreds of daily unique visitors coming from YouTube and Google within a matter of weeks, just by using YouTube with a few smart optimization techniques. The problem, which this video helps you solve, is how exactly to get the most from YouTube. In this X-Factor video Gideon reveals 7 tips you can use to optimize your YouTube videos to bring in maximum traffic for your blog. This really is killer stuff and I promise you, if you do each technique, you will get results. Do You Want An Insider’s Edge? This is just one X-Factor video from the Become A Blogger Premium 2.0 course. Inside the program is a full range of X
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